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Gimlet Media

Gimlet Media is the award-winning narrative podcasting company that aims to help listeners better understand the world and each other. Gimlet podcasts are downloaded over seven million times per month by listeners from nearly 190 countries worldwide.

I was brought on as Gimlet was launching Mystery Show and beginning to get a lot of international attention.  The project had some large constraints and a very aggressive timeline. My first task was setting down a conceptual direction based on the Gimlet brand. From there I moved to refining the information architecture of the site to improve the user experiences of searching, listening, and sharing podcasts. With branding guidelines in place and a new architecture, I then set about designing the interface for both the desktop and mobile views. One of the key constraints in the project was creating a presentation system for the shows that didn't involve a lot of work from the client on the back-end. The website was built on Wordpress and integrated a number of API's including Soundcloud, Mailchimp and social sharing features for show episodes.

I also worked with Gimlet to design and launch Gimlet Creative, a home for Gimlets sponsored content podcasts.